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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When I Need a Smile

Sometimes life is stressful. I know that comes as a surprise to some folks. I adopted the motto some time ago that I have enough necessary stress in my life so I avoid unnecessary stress whenever possible. Funny how even when I'm trying to avoid it - especially when I'm trying to avoid it - it finds me anyway.

Sometimes the stress is small - I can't find the belt to my dress. That happened this morning. But it shouldn't have caused me any stress at all. I couldn't find the belt to this same dress last week when I wore it.

Sometimes the stress is big - my youngest daughter saying mean and derogetory things to her brother. That happened last night, but I just heard about it this morning. I imagine this would cause me some stress if the remarks had been directed toward one of her older sisters - they've been going back and forth at each other for a long time. I've already written it off because I heard it happening both ways and I know it's usually a matter of steel sharpening steel. But now - it's her brother - who is not only 6, but also has only been her brother for a little over a year. He doesn't have the benefit of knowing (or at least believing) that she's not trying to hurt him. Nor do I have the complete confidence that she wasn't, in that instance, just being mean (which I've seen from time to time.) Adding to the stress is that the report came from my husband about his biological son and his non-biological daughter. And my hyper-sensitive ears can't help but hear the report as "your daughter is bullying my son."

Not exactly the best way to start the morning . . .Funny, I was in a perfectly excellent mood up till that moment.

Anyway - although I left home frustrated, with a lump in my heart and in my throat - I was (am) determined to not let the rest of the day stay in the toilet.

One of the things I do when I am having a bad day is look at pictures of happier times. Through the beauty of the computer, I have access to photos from our engagement photo shoot, our wedding and multiple family outings - photos taken on happy days when everyone is smiling . . . and I remember that we have had some great days together. Also, since some of the photos are more recent than others and since I can recall days between those pictures that weren't always so wonderful - I know there is a certain ebb and flow. I know that better does exist.

In my quest toward happy memories this morning, I ran across this picture from our wedding. It was sort of a hidden gem . . . I'd forgotten it was taken. This picture shows a family that is happy and joyful. The woman in this picture is clearly in love with this man and the man in this picture is clearly happy about the life he is entering. There are a myriad of other emotions displayed by the other people in the picture, but mostly - people who love and support this man and this woman . . . .what a beautiful memory from a truly happy day.


This picture makes me smile. And it has added some sunshine to what started out as an overcast day. And lookie there - it's time for lunch . . . the day just keeps getting better!

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