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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some Days

Some days I'm so in love it hurts. . . my eyes are crossed, I can't see straight
Some days the line blurs between who I've been, who I am and who I'm becoming
Those people don't feel like me.

This girl, with all her impulses to do right
This girl, who just wants to be helpful
This girl, who holds on to the last breath . . . . not realizing she might be turning blue.

Some days the urge is to build the wall
Some days the urge is to tear the wall down - barehanded - bruised - bleeding

Some days she can't let the love in
Because then she'll have to feel it
And sometimes feeling doesn't feel good at all

Somedays she walks backward
Along the path she made
And sees how far she's come

And some days
She stands completely still
Starring at the road ahead
Realizing how far there is to go

This girl . . . playing dress up in mother's shoes
This girl . . . wanting to be grown
This girl . . . saying bedtime prayers on her knees

Some days this girl knows . . . that she's not a girl anymore
And some days this woman wishes that she was.

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